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Looking to sell a flat, villa or house in Chennai? We offer professional end-to-end services. We'll be with you from finding a Buyer to closing the sale. Comprehensive marketing, getting you the best possible price, transparency are all included.

Complete Service

with industry expertise

Comprehensive Marketing

Our 360 degree marketing approach helps find right buyer. We market properties through various channels from digital to offline. Our brand will elevate the marketing of your home.

Best Possible Price

Our expertise, access to network and market data help us get best possible price. While market conditions change, we will thrive to get you the best possible price at the time of sale.


We work closely with you from start to finish in a transparent manner. You are always informed, we will advise you from time to time but you are always in control.

Professional Service

We deliver professional service all the way. Selling home is hard enough. Your Agent doesn't have to make it any more difficult. Our customers speak highly of our professional service.

Free Property Insurance

while property is available for sale

We understand that vacant homes are a cause of concern. That is why we insure every property that is available for sale through PORTIQO. Insurance applies to those properties where PORTIQO holds a spare key to the property. Insured for STFI, burglary and covers structure up to 20L and contents up to 5L. Insured by PORTIQO with Shriram General Insurance.

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Better Results

with expertise, process and service

Work with us for better results. Our expertise, software platform, well-designed process, access to network of Agents, comprehensive marketing and professional service are the reasons why we are able to deliver better results.

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