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9% of rentONE TIME

8% of rentMONTHLY

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Find Reliable Tenants ‐ Quickly

Estimate rental value

Advertise on top listing sites

Show the property to potential tenants

Screen potential tenants

Negotiate rental terms

Execute lease agreements

Find a new tenant after current one moves out

1 month

1 month


Onboard Tenants ‐ Easily

Handover with Association formalities

Inspect & document move‐in condition

Your home is safe with us

Renew lease

Periodic Inspection

Enforce lease terms

Handle evictions when necessary

Maintenance? We’re on it

Cleaning before move‐in

Maintenance & Repairs

Move‐out Inspection

Cleaning after move‐out

Handling Finances? Included

Rent Assured ‐ we will make sure tenants pay rent

Deposit rent to owner's account

Account reporting to owner

Ensure zero dues at move‐out

Handling Finances? Included

Pay maintenance charges

Pay club house charges

Pay property & water taxes

7 days / week call center support

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