FAQFrequently Asked Questions

General questions
Portiqo currently offers services in South Chennai – particularly around Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) area. We are always expanding and are also willing to work with you. Please contact us if you a particular need.
We currently focus on residential flats and villas in gated communities.
No. We do not manage commercial properties. At this time, we are laser focused on addressing residential property needs.
No. We do not manage partial units. An example of a partial unit would be where the owner locks out 1 out of 3 bedrooms and would like to rent it out as a 2 BHK. While we love our customers, these kinds of situations pose security risk to both tenants and owners. For that reason, we refrain from managing partial units.
Yes. We take our responsibility of keeping your home safe very seriously. Unless we have exclusive access, we will not be able to keep your home safe.
We strongly encourage you to sign up for “Peace of Mind” plan that comes with all of our management services. However, we do understand you might prefer other plans. Feel free to choose what works for you.
Portiqo offers web and mobile platform, through which Owners and Tenants can stay informed. Through platform and through notification mechanisms, we keep your financial accounts updated and repair requests tracked.
Owner Signup
We need property address including community name, owner name, owner contact information and contact details of the person who can show us the unit. Once we have that, we will be able to inspect the unit and proceed further. When you are ready to hand the unit over to us for management, we would need more details. We will work with you at that stage.
No. We do not have minimum requirements. However, demand for your particular unit may depend on interior facilities etc. As a result, we may suggest few changes but the decision on what you want to add is entirely yours.
Owners need to sign Property Management Agreement, which (a) covers terms of engagement between Portiqo and the Owner and (b) authorizes Portiqo to manage rentals and to perform necessary repairs on the owner's behalf.
That depends on the plan you choose. Please refer to our Services & Pricing page for more details.
Our fee covers our services. They do not cover incidental charges such as costs of repair, actual property taxes etc.
No. We do not charge anything additional if you choose "Peace of Mind" plan. If you choose "Rent" service, we charge first month rent as our service fee.
Yes and No. When there is repair work, we do pass on those incidental charges to the owner or tenant depending on the nature of the repair. However, we do not make additional revenue by charging markup on repair work. Instead, we thrive to deliver quality work at best possible price.
Yes and No. When there is repair work, we do pass on those incidental charges to the owner or tenant depending on the nature of the repair. However, we do not make additional revenue by charging markup on repair work. Instead, we thrive to deliver quality work at best possible price.
Tenant pays all utility bills including electricity, gas, and internet unless you choose otherwise.
Renting Out
We advertise on popular listing sites, on Portiqo.com and through our local partners.
We can generally make an estimate and make a recommendation. When listing your property, we’ll generally start at the high end of our estimated rental range and adjust downward if we’re not getting enough interest. Our team will work with you throughout the process to ensure we get the best possible price for your property.
Yes. We do negotiate rent on your behalf. Our job is to get you the best possible rent.
The Owner. We will present all potential tenants to you and you get to choose. We believe in giving you complete control.
We verify income and employment. In addition, we will collect and examine ID proof and address proof.
As part of the rental process, we determine appropriate security deposit in collaboration with the owner. We then collect that amount prior to move-in and deposit that amount to Owner’s bank account. We recommend that Owners keep 1 month worth of deposit with Portiqo at all times to cover incidental expenses. It is Owner’s responsibility to transfer the amount back to Portiqo 20 days prior to tenant’s move-out date.
Our typical rental agreement runs for 11 months from the date of move-in.
With Peace of Mind package, we will execute rental agreement with the tenant on Owner’s behalf. With Rental only package, the agreement is between the Owner and the Tenant – we facilitate the process.
Rent Collection
Rent will be paid on or before the 10th day of every month.
We may deduct expenses such as repair expenses and maintenance payments we made on your behalf.
We will follow up with the tenant for up to a reasonable time. If the rent is still not paid, we will serve the tenant with a notice to vacate the flat. Owner will be able to withhold unpaid rent from security deposit.
Yes. Owner will be able to inspect the flat with a reasonable notice (up to a maximum of 10 days) to the tenant.
We do everything in our power including upfront screening to avoid having to evict a tenant, but on rare occasions an eviction may be necessary. If that occurs, we will assist the owner in legal proceedings, help in recovering rentals and support tenant eviction, at the owner's cost.
Maintenance & Repairs
When there is a repair, we first estimate the cost and urgency of such repair. If our estimate is less than two thousand rupees or if the repair is urgent to prevent further damage to the property we will inform the Owner and proceed with the repair in parallel. If our estimate is more than two thousand rupees and the repair is not urgent we will request Owner’s permission before repairing. In any case, cost of repairs is considered incidental charges and is passed to the Owner. Be assured though, that we will only work with vendors who can deliver quality service and best possible prices.
It depends on the kind of repair. If repair is a result of normal wear and tear, Owner will pay for those repairs. If repair is a result of negligence, Tenant will pay for those repairs. We clearly understand that determining the kind of repair is the number one cause of friction between Owners, Tenants and Property Managers. We, at Portiqo, consider both Owners and Tenants to be our customers. That means, we have the responsibility to be fair to both Owners and Tenants. As a result, we believe that we have the final say and responsibility in determining the kind of repair.
Since Tenant uses the equipment, tenant is responsible for paying for maintenance. For example, Owner rents the property out with air conditioner installed in the property. Air Conditioners require annual maintenance to function properly. In this case, Tenant will be responsible for annual maintenance of the air conditioner. Portiqo can help perform maintenance through its preferred vendors.
If you chose Property Management or Peace of Mind package, you can terminate the contract by providing sufficient notice to Portiqo – typically 45 to 60 days. We need this advance notice in order to provide sufficient time for Tenant to move out and for us to complete move-out inspection. If you chose Rental package, you can terminate the contract with 10 day notice.
No – not in general. If you chose Peace of Mind package and if you want to retain the tenant that we found, we may charge 1 month rent as our service fee.