Things a Landlord Must Do Before a Tenant Moves In

It is no secret that the best tenants are those who pay their rent on time, cause little or no hassle and reside in your property for as long you want them to. But, what do you do when such tenants move out? Undoubtedly, you have to go through the stress of finding a new tenant. But, prior to that there are a few additional steps that you must take to facilitate the new tenants move-in. In this guide, PORTIQO attempts to list down some of the important checklist items that you need to follow before new tenants move in, in order to mitigate any possible conflicts with them in future –

  • Safety of tenants and cleanliness of the property should be your priority: Be it an independent house or an apartment, cleaning the property thoroughly is very important. If you are renting out a well-furnished house, ensure that the tub, toilet, stove and even refrigerator is cleaned. Even if you are renting out the property for the first time, make sure you eliminate all the dust and debris, if any. Additionally, repair the damages like hole in the wall or a broken window pane, at the property. Check signs of mold development on the walls and ceiling, and get it fixed if you find any and check for any loosened screws on the grills, doors, fans etc before allowing your tenant to occupy the place; you do not want any kind of liability from possible security/health related incidents on your property.

Passing through the inspection and meeting the health and safety standards helps you gain confidence of your prospective tenants.

  • Is plumbing and electric work in place? Right after your previous tenants move out; check if all utilities are working perfectly. Before a new tenant moves into your house, check if there are clogs, leaks or water seepage in the plumbing. Also, confirm that overhead lights in every room are operational. These simple fixtures certainly assist tenants in leading a quality life.

Most embarrassing situation would be to receive a complaint call from your tenant within first few hours of his occupancy.

  • Changing locks: The next step towards the safety of your tenants is changing the locks on the doors. This not only ensures the safety of the tenants but also protect you from possible liabilities. No need to change locks except for that of the access doors – main door, back door, grills if any etc.
  • Examine checklist in detail: On the day when the tenants move-in, never fail to go over the move-in checklist with the tenant. In the checklist, you must always make mention of the condition of the property as a whole and each room in detail. Once both you and tenant agree with the facts mentioned, have the tenant’s signature and date on the same. This checklist is very important because it allows you to compare the conditions of the utilities and the condition of property before the tenant’s arrival and after the tenant moves out.
    Do not ask your tenant to sign a blank form, and on the other hand tenant should not sign a blank form.
  • Connect with your tenants: Provide your tenants with your contact information. This will help them connect with you when necessary. Connecting with your tenants over the phone number or e-mail, and addressing their grievances, helps you establish a good rapport with your tenants. However, make sure that your tenants contact you during business hours from 9 AM o 5 PM, unless it is an emergency.
  • Collect Security deposit before your tenant move-in: It is ideal that you collect the security deposit amount before handing over the keys to the property to the tenant. If you delay, you are putting yourself at risk. The most likely situation is that you will never get the security deposit or the entirety of if leaving you susceptible if the tenant causes any kind of damage to the property. Worse would be if he stops paying the rent. In such cases, you will either have no backup or pay from your own pocket for the expenses to fix the damages.

We understand that following every step that is mentioned above is time consuming and strenuous, but they are necessary. If you still feel you are not game for reasons of your own, do not hesitate to get professional help. PORTIQO’s offers comprehensive rental and property management services that attend to all your property management needs? Call us on +91-888-066-0000. For any specific queries check our responses at our comprehensive FAQ section.

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