Opportunity to serve, opportunity to solve

Hello World!! We are PortiQo! We are born out of a desperate need to solve Rental Management problem that no one else was solving in India – at least not the way we wanted to solve it, not the way trained professionals solve it in many places across the world.

World, better, place.

What problem is it? Help absentee home owners rent and manage their property in India. That’s it.

How do we want to solve it? We offer professional Rental & Property Management services. Sounds so simple right? But we could not find any when we wanted it. Professionalism was completely missing; quality of service was not even understood. So, we wanted to offer Professional service with Exceptional Quality of Service.

We know that is not going to happen unless we did things radically differently. So, here are few things we did:

  • We assembled best talent in the industry
  • We put together a 24×7 call center
  • We used best of the breed technology to put together the whole system
  • We engineered a process that delivers world class service
  • We also asked several professionals from US, UK and India to join our advisory board

Who has this problem? Almost every home owner who owns a home in India and does not live within 30 miles of that home. With increased mobility across cities in India, many professional move often. NRIs also own homes in India. We understand that ton of you are looking to solve this problem. Suggested Reading: Hassle FREE Rental and Property Management for NRIs

This is our opportunity to solve the problem for you. This is our opportunity to serve you well. Looking forwarding to talking to you soon.



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