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Hassle Free Rental & Property Management For NRIs

Maintaining peace of mind with professional help in managing your rental properties

Managing a Rental Property is a local business, when you are not local it is important to take help from your family, friends or professionals. Taking assistance from friends and family comes with a caveat that property management may not be effective. Keep Reading

BBCL PORTIQO Partnership

BBCL Forges Strategic Partnership with PORTIQO

PORTIQO is pleased to announce strategic partnership with BBCL to offer Rental and 
Property Management services to flat and villa owners of properties developed by BBCL. 
With this tie up, flat and villa owners, especially from Ananya and Navarathina projects 
are expected to gain huge dividends on their rental spaces by PORTIQO’s property 
management services that include – faster identification of suitable tenants, 
on-boarding of tenants, property maintenance, finance handling (rent, bills and taxes) 

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5 Reasons Why Tenants in India Don’t Stay Longer Anymore

Gone  are the days when tenants used to rent a home for years and sometimes decades. Urban renting landscape has drastically changed over past few years, particularly in the segment where rent is more than 10,000 rupees. In some cases tenancy just lasts months – we heard many such stories in the field.  Many Owners we work with tend to assume that tenants stay for years once they rent a home – which is exactly the opposite of what we see in today’s metros.

Tenancy duration is getting shorter

Here are five reasons why it is impractical to expect a tenant to stay long: Keep Reading

Opportunity to serve, opportunity to solve

Hello World!! We are PortiQo! We are born out of a desperate need to solve Rental Management problem that no one else was solving in India – at least not the way we wanted to solve it, not the way trained professionals solve it in many places across the world.

World, better, place.

What problem is it? Help absentee home owners rent and manage their property in India. That’s it.

How do we want to solve it? We offer professional Rental & Property Management services. Sounds so simple right? But we could not find any when we wanted it. Professionalism was completely missing; quality of service was not even understood. So, we wanted to offer Professional service with Exceptional Quality of Service. Keep Reading