3-12-7 Awesome Tenant-Landlord jokes that you simply cannot miss

7 Awesome Tenant-Landlord jokes that you simply cannot miss!

Landlord-Tenant Joke #1 – 3 Plus 4 at the Cemetery

This family of 9 (7 children) moves to a new city and finds it difficult to get an apartment for rent since landlords have objections for the size of the family. After several days of searching, the father asked the mother to take the 4 younger children to visit the graveyard, while he took the older three to find a rental place to live in. After they had looked most of the morning they found a place that was apt for them. Then the landlord asked the usual question, “How many children do you have?” The father promptly answered with a deep sigh, “7…but 4 are with their dear mother in the cemetery.

Yes, they are now the tenants at the exact apartment!

Landlord-Tenant Joke #2 – Do not DISTURB!

A man mentioned to his landlord about the tenants in the apartment over his. “Many a night they stamp on the floor and shout till midnight.” When the landlord asked if it bothered him, he replied,”Not really, for I usually stay up and practice my trumpet till about that time most every night anyway.”

Landlord – Tenant Joke #3 – Sir, They are my tenants!

 “Sir you have got to help!” said the tearful man at the door. “There is a family that I know very well that is in desperate need of money. The Father has been out of a job for over a year, they have five kids at home with barely a bit of food to eat. The worst part is that they are about to kicked out of the house and they will be left on the streets without a roof over their heads!” The man concluded with one last heart wrenching sob. “Well,” said the man at the door, “that really is a sad story. Why don’t you come inside and we’ll talk about it a little more.”“So how much money is needed exactly?” asked the man when they were both seated. “Oh it’s really terrible”, said the man starting up again, “why just for the rent $3000 is needed by tomorrow otherwise they’ll be kicked out onto the streets.” “How do you know so much about this situation?” asked the man as he reached for his check book. “Well,” said the man breaking down once more “they are my tenants.” 

Landlord – Tenant Joke #4 – This is an actual conversation! Found it humorous

Tenant – “I know that my lease doesn’t start until the 1st, but can I move-in 3 days early for free?”

Landlord – “For liability reasons, I can’t allow you to move-in before the lease start date without modifying the lease and collecting additional rent money.  If the unit is available earlier, I would be happy to modify your lease”

Landlord – Tenant Joke #5 – Know Your Tenant!

Landlord – Tenant Joke #6 – Funny Landlord Story This! 

I was enjoying an afternoon on the boat. All the cares of the world were being kept away by the wind and the waves, and the grog. Then my cell phone went off; I hate that thing. The ring jolted me back into reality. I looked at the number it was my office. I let it go to voice mail, after five minutes I checked the message. A tenant had locked himself out of his apartment. There was no way to contact him and I was a few hours away from being able to let him in. I forgot about it, but on the way home my future ex-wife reminded me, so I decided to go check, and see if this tenant had been able to get in. I grabbed the keys from the office and went to the property. When I entered the building I saw the tenant, sitting in the hallway, leaning against a wall, with his head down in his hands, looking forlorn. This was one of my very own unique tenants. He had co-founded a dating service with his brother ten years before that was extremely successful, this tenant couldn’t deal with the pressure and gave up his share to his brother after a nervous breakdown and moved into a room. The brother took care of the rent and couldn’t understand why his brother chose to live like he did. I couldn’t either. The tenant brightened up when he saw me and stood up. “Thank goodness you’re here… I’ve been waiting for like three hours… I locked myself out when I went to the store for some beer… I’m really sorry to bother you especially on a Sunday… I was getting nervous that you wouldn’t come… I don’t know what I would do if I can’t get in to my room… I was getting scared.” His explanation continued until we reached his room. I just nodded. I put the key into the lock and opened the door. Inside his room were two men watching TV. They turned toward the door and one of the men said, “Dude, where have you been? I’m thirsty!”

Landlord – Tenant Joke #7 – Its Akpos Time!…

Landlord Visits Akpos…This one is Funny 😀

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