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February 2017

2 - 12 How has Demonetization Affected the Real Estate Market in Chennai

How has Demonetization Affected the Real Estate Market in Chennai?

Many said that post demonetization scene in Chennai would be heartening for property buyers. Is it actually happening? Are prices falling, so that fence sitters can make best of the opportunity? Yes, the supply and demand scene says so. Prices of real estate, in some segments, are seeing a drop in price making it ideal for first time property buyers to go for their dream home before it’s too late. Keep Reading

12-12-Typical day of a property manager

A Typical Day of a Property Manager

A property manager must wear several professional hats; as an administrator, organizer, mediator, human resource professional, social director, project manager, and sometimes even as a therapist; irrespective of the size of his portfolio. Keep Reading

1-12-Demonetization and Home Buying

Impact of Demonetization on the Home buying decisions

Demonetization and Home Buying

The real-estate market of India so far has largely been financed by black money. With the recent demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee notes, experts see recalibration in the way property development has been funded. However, some tend to have guarded opinions on the impact of demonetization on stemming black money into realty market. Keep Reading

7-12-Benami PProperty-vs-benami-property-transaction-act-2016

Benami Properties Vs Benami Property Transaction Act 2016

The word Benami is a hindi word which means anything ‘without a name’. Benami property means a property without an owner’s name or trace. In benami property transactions the real owner/financier purchases the property in under a different individual’s name. Such an individual is termed as ‘benamdar’ and the property is known as a benami property. Keep Reading

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