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Our platform is built exclusively for Real Estate Agents to work together and get access to more rental properties. Access to more properties means more deals and more business.

Access more rental properties

Automatic access for partner Agents

Having an Agent account on PORTIQO platform allows you to access thousands of properties easily – with touch of a button on the mobile app. No more running around to find right property for your clients, right clients for your property. Available only to carefully selected Agents.

Insurance for all properties

So that you and your clients can relax

All properties that are listed on the platform are insured for structure and contents as long as those are active on the platform. Insured for STFI, burglary and covers structure up to 20L and contents up to 5L. Insured by PORTIQO with Shriram General Insurance.

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Commission guaranteed

We make the payment and guarantee it.

When you close deals, be assured that you will get paid for your hard work irrespective who is on the other side. PORTIQO makes the commission payment to you, directly into your bank account. No more worries about getting paid and getting paid on time.

Built exclusively for Agents

By professionals – for greater success

Only member Agents are allowed to list properties and close deals. That means a selected set of professionals working together to offer highest levels of professional service, follow superior ethical guidelines and deliver awesome experience every time. Together we serve and together we win.

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