Peace of mind, end-to-end Rental & Property Management in Chennai.

Own a flat or villa in Chennai? We offer professional rental management services that deliver peace of mind.
You own the home. You don't have to own the headache of renting and maintaining it. Leave that to us.

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Protect your investment with professional management

You invested a lot in your home. Renting your property is not easy, particularly when you don't live close by. Finding right tenant, answering tenant calls, maintaining the property to preserve resale value could be near impossible. We can handle all of that on your behalf.

We are professionals and we deliver international standard quality of service.

Maximize your rental income

When we manage your property, we are on it. We advertise the vacancy on various channels and we are available to show the property to potential tenants 7 days a week - that is how we get your property rented in shortest possible time.

The rent you get is always at the market rate - not just the first time we rent it out but every time we renew the lease.

Tenant Screening, Onboarding - Included

We screen tenants for income, credit history and employment status - and -we share those screening results with you. We will onboard tenants as well.

Paperwork? Only paperwork you need to do is to get a management agreement with us and we will take care of the rest.

You are in total control

You have full control over who you can rent your home to. We share all the details including screening results - you then get to decide who you want to rent it to.

That's not it - you can set the criteria for selection. Non-smoking? Vegetarian? Only for families? Its all up to you.

What's the rent? How much deposit? Again, you are in control - we give you the guidance on market trends but you are the final decision maker.

Maintenance, Inspections, Finances, Accounting, Bills - you can leave all of that to us

When you choose complete package, we will include regular maintenance and periodic check in it. All your finances will be managed and reported to you in real time. We can help you pay bills such as club house dues, property taxes too.

Fair and Transparent Pricing = No Hidden Charges

We charge one price. Completely transparent. We do not charge markups on maintenance work. We care for what you care for - nothing else.

Quality of Service @ International Standards

Our aim is to deliver Quality of Service at International Standards. That is why we have an advisory panel of experts from across the world. We work with them on regular basis to refine our processes and practices to keep raising the bar on service.


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